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I offer personal chef services for a variety of diets and sensitivities including: ketogenic, vegan, gluten free, vegetarian, inflammatory, aruyervedic, new moms, and more. Have a specific dietary restriction not listed on here? Contact me and we can build a meal plan specifically for you - I love coming up with creative recipes for hard-to-cook-for diets and sensitivities. I offer:

Weekly Meal Prep

Meals for new Moms

Private Dinners

Wine tastings

Events / Parties

Sound interesting? Click below for more details and ways to contact me about cooking for you!



New to Kismet Kitchen - packaged products! I’ll be selling delicious and easy Keto and Vegan snacks. See below for more information. Contact me if you’re interested in trying them out!

Oh Keto Products - Kismet Kitchen’s keto snack brand making fully keto crackers, cookies, and desserts. Our keto everything bagel crackers are already available to purchase and more options will be added soon.

Goldie Lox - Goldie Lox are a revolutionary vegan food option. Vegan smoked salmon made from whole organic carrots that tastes as good if not better than real lox.